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This is a page to record some of the best quotes you hear club members saying!

Cathal: "What do you keep in your freezer Ruairi?"

Ruairi: "Bananas."

-The Cellar bar, 3rd November 2016

Pierce invites Cormac to his 21st.

Cormac reply on Facebook: "Sorry Pierce I have to shampoo my carpets on Saturday."

"Don't be pussy." - Andrejs

"Irish and British OS maps are exactly the same size" - Pierce Hosey, 27/11/16

"My feet are killing me" - Emmet McCourt, first hike after being voted in as the next hiking vice captain

"Why is the tiger off the bus"- Pierce Hosey (Dingle 2017)

"I nominate Adam West"-Every AGM.

“He gets enough anyway it’s fine” Ellen talking about Ger.

“Is that what people your age find fun?” Colin to Mary at Maamturks.

"The mop is immortal. The mop controls this human." Colin when asked to cut his hair.

"I hope to be a woman by next September" Cathal

"Shut up, I have a REC5 and I can lick my own cuts" - Fionn