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James Mulhall

Aka The Traitor was a promising young first-year student who was studying general science. There was high hope for James to take a senior position on the committee in 2016-17. Unfortunately, a terrible accident occurred and James heard about UCD. Driven mad with the poor living conditions of Corrib village, James soon turned to the Darkside. He is now UCD puppet with a mission of causing as much mayhem as possible for NUIG MC. His most recent attempt to sabotage the 2016 first semester trip to Kerry, fail miserable as the craic was still had but be weary, this is the first of many attempts to come so please keep an eye out for this suspicious individual.

Liam Lang Aka Lila is the 2016/17 Hiking vice Captain. This is quite an extraordinary achievement for Liam, who once got lost walking to Tesco. He is currently studying Engineering with the dream of becoming a head civil engineer on Trumpf's great wall. Often times this strange individual can be found steaming some sort of semi-editable food while continually repeating the phrase "It'll be fine". He has high hopes for the club in the future and dreams of turning it into the form filling club (FFC for short). It is actually a lie that Liam was born with his beard. There is photographic proof of this, altho it is rarely seen.

Damien Egan

Aka Damo is currently studying Engineering with Liam. It's been rumored that this is how Damo got such an important role on the committee when he is clearly more interested in table tennis. There is an unusual correlation between his attempts of climbing at the kingfisher and the number of injuries at the wall. The most popular theory for this is being from Athlone he has an irresistible impulse to cause damage. If you see this person DO NOT FEED. He may become violent with you in order to get access to the rest of your food. Spray with cold water to deter .

Ciara Mc Ellistrim

Aka Kerrygold is a born and breed Kerry person with the driving skills of a tortoise. She is easily visible at great distances, which makes here a great point of reference on hikes and an even better PRO. Her natural habitat is the climbing wall where she regularly attempts to do mundane things such as pull-ups, planks, and bouldering. Daddio (Aka Padhraic Mac Maghnuis) can often be seen showing beginners Ciara footwork as an example of what not to do. She's easy to make friends with, all you have to do is ask her would she like to play poker with you.

Hannah Jansen

Aka The juggler is possibly the exact opposite of Lila. Lila has no the idea of where he's going, Hannah, on the other hand, has no idea where she from. This is due to the PTSD she is suffering from her days as an elite Swedish commando. She was conscripted into the army for 2-4 years. No one is quite how many but all we know is its multiple. She recently turned 21 and instead of cash as a present she asks everyone attending to give IKEA vouchers. Also, likes horses.

Francesca Rocca McAllister

Aka Tinderella is a bubble loving person until she plays spoons. Upon entering a game of spoons, she will viciously attack her opponent until the match end, returning to here natural docile state (swiping on tinder). Usually only seen hiking but has recently started to attend climbing too much confusion of the regular members. Fran has a long lost brother Fernando how is quite evil, do not approach if seen.