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(The 2017-2018 Committee)
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== The 2017-2018 Committee ==
== The 2017-2018 Committee ==
'''Ciara McEllistrim'''
See [http://nuigmc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Committee_2017/2018 committee 17/18]
''Position: Captain''.
Ciara, better known as Captain Kerrygold, has been a climber since 2015, and a hiker since not long after. While her pace is very slow, other hikers have realised she is useful to bring along, since her hair emits over 700 lumens of light, making her better than almost all headtorches. Having become bored wrestling with pebbles, she has taken to wrestling with the steering wheel of her car. Undecided as to whether she would rather drive like a granny or a fighter pilot, she combines the two styles, flying around corners at high speed.
Safety first:
Do not feed after midnight
Do not offer to sell her a duck
Do not attempt to play poker with her
Do not leave alone in a room with Pierce Hosey, as they will both be confused and believe they are looking in a mirror
'''Marc Higgins'''
''Position Treasurer''.
Aka. Big Mac is currently working on ways to improve the well know big mac. Through his PhD in beef he has had promising results with adding a third level to infamous Big Mac. There was high hope for him as a graduate of Mcdonald's IT when he discovered a 5th way of shaping their chicken nuggets. All this study and research has taken it toll on Marc causing him to become fatigued in scotland due to small quantities of snow. He was able to recover quickly thanks to the support of his loving future wife, a red mazda CX 5.
'''Emmet McCourt'''
''Position Hiking Vice Captain''.
AKA Anything beginning with E, He is a true and true hiker who has recently started climbing. Has an extremely sexy accent that seems to only attract Kevin. He has fantastic stories of all the people he has met in the hostels in the past and the craic they had all night.
'''Colin Delahunt'''
''Position Climbing Vice Captain''.
Aka The Human Mop. He thinks long unkept hair and longboarding makes him look cool. His favorite pastime is to ask david to get thing from the top or bottom shelf when he is wearing his uniform. Still trying to figure out what people older than him do for fun
'''Ellen King'''
''Position Public relations officer''.
Aka D4, loves to ride horses. They seem to get more action than so other people in her life. Will sleep through anything but Darude Sandstorm which will wake her from even the most whisky induced comas. Has a tendency to damage items in the houses she rents, mainly breaking the legs off tables and not even in the mountaineering way. Warning do not highfive while drunk, will aim for face.
'''Gerard Mangan'''
''Position Equipment Officer''.
Aka Gerry Adams/Quartermaster(Q), has an odd love of gear, He just can't get enough of those big bros. In a recent survey it has come to light that he “gets enough”. His pastimes include moon game and cleaning his gear by use of his tongue.
'''Cormac Horan'''
''Position Hiking Training safety officer''.
Aka, Cory. Joined club 2016 'till present. He participated.
'''Ben Nolan'''
''Position Climbing Training Safety Officer''.
Aka Jon Snow. He gets his alias, not from the sight resemblance of jon snow but because he knows nothing. As a newish member, he has embodied the true meaning of the club: Get some americans, fool around with them for a semester, never see them again and wait for the next batch to come in. This is why he spends hours curling his hair into the perfect bob every morning.
'''Cathal Breathnach'''
''Position Adviser''.
Cathal Breathnach Aka Charlie is an old young member of NUIG MC. He has a strange habit of getting into incidents with reindeer. The last one left him with a broken arm. He is the lead singer of the boy band called Rover Bandits. There was some tension in the band when one member fired a projectile at him in the Róisin. May have a rivalry with Tommy.
'''Orla Mulligan'''
''Position Ordinary Committee Member''.
She is a loveable creature who like to dress up as Bambi or something like that. (No one could tell what she was and were too polite to say it. May have been a cat or a deer, who knows) Loves going for ski holidays but for the life of her can't remember the night. Rumor has it there is a terminator picture of her floating around the internet.
'''Thomas Dunford'''
''Position Ordinary Committee Member''.
Aka Huggy Bear Is currently in a band called the Cider Wasps. He was allowed to join back in 2013 as a participating member, after the other members felt sorry for him. He regularly show up to gigs with them where he receives an unplugged mic. One of his favourite pastimes is telling people he in a band within the first 5 mins of meeting him. He has recently became friends with Colin where they spend long hours measuring the length of their mop top to see who’s is longer. While Colin is winning Tommy claims volume is what really matters.
'''David Langley'''
''Position Registrar''.
Aka Treebeard, is a little bit whipped by his entire house. He cooks, cleans and wears a sexy french maids outfit when at their house. Has a strange obsession with trees. Not really sure what to make of it...
'''Pierce Hosey'''
''Position: Secretary''.
Took the secretary position as he heard it was important, upon finding out what the word secretary means he stepped aside as he cannot read or write.
== James Mulhall ==
== James Mulhall ==

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The 2017-2018 Committee

See committee 17/18

James Mulhall

Aka The Traitor was a promising young first-year student who was studying general science. There was high hope for James to take a senior position on the committee in 2016-17. Unfortunately, a terrible accident occurred and James heard about UCD. Driven mad with the poor living conditions of Corrib village, James soon turned to the Darkside. He is now UCD puppet with a mission of causing as much mayhem as possible for NUIG MC. His most recent attempt to sabotage was the 2016 first semester trip to Kerry, which failed miserably as the craic was still had, but be weary this is the first of many attempts to come so please keep an eye out for this suspicious individual.

Liam Lang

Aka Lila is the 2016/17 Hiking vice Captain. This is quite an extraordinary achievement for Liam, who once got lost walking to Tesco. He is currently studying Engineering with the dream of becoming a head civil engineer on Trump's great wall. Often times this strange individual can be found steaming some sort of semi-edible food while continually repeating the phrase "It's fine". He has high hopes for the club in the future and dreams of turning it into the form filling club (FFC for short). It is actually a lie that Liam was born with his beard. There is photographic proof of this, although it is rarely seen.

Damien Egan

Aka Damo/Shnake is currently studying Engineering with Liam. It's been rumored that this is how Damo got such an important role on the committee when he is clearly more interested in table tennis. There is an unusual correlation between his attempts of climbing at the kingfisher and the number of injuries at the wall. The most popular theory for this is being from Athlone he has an irresistible impulse to cause damage. If you see this person DO NOT FEED. He may become violent with you in order to get access to the rest of your food. Spray with cold water to deter .

Hannah Jansen

Aka The juggler is possibly the exact opposite of Lila. Lila has no the idea of where he's going, Hannah, on the other hand, has no idea where she from. This is due to the PTSD she is suffering from her days as an elite Swedish commando. She was conscripted into the army for 2-4 years. No one is quite how many but all we know is its multiple. She recently turned 21 and instead of cash as a present she asks everyone attending to give IKEA vouchers. Also, likes horses.

Francesca Rocca McAllister

Aka Tinderella is a bubbly, loving person until she plays spoons. Upon entering a game of spoons, she will viciously attack her opponent until the match end, returning to here natural docile state (swiping on tinder). Usually only seen hiking but has recently started to attend climbing to much confusion of the regular members. Fran has a long lost brother Fernando who is quite evil with a thick moustache, do not approach if seen.

Ruairi O'Hogartaigh (RORO)

[[1]] Aka Veggie Monster. Ruairi has kept the fact he is a veggie monster a closely guarded secret. Never getting tired, never getting cold(often seen in shorts), not eating anything from an animal and shedding their skin at a full moon are some traits of a Veggie monster. Never seen on hikes as he is always 2 Kilometers ahead of the group with his superior Veggie monster speed. It is rumored that he has a lair somewhere in the Connemara Mountain range. Their main food source is Bananas and Oreos, peanut butter and bananas, rice and bananas and their most favorite is bananas and banana bread. Beware of Phillipe! Also is a VEGAN, he asked us to let ye know


Ruairi can often be seen cycling, or walking very fast


Aka Padhraic Mac Maghnuis is possibly the best climber in NUIG. When asked about when he gets his talent from he responds "I owe my shit looks, oversized ego and amazing climbing skill to the ropes and harness I found in my parent's room when I was younger". He was born with the name Padhraic Mac Maghnuis but changed it in 2016 to Daddio to fit into his role as the clubs daddy. Favorite game is spoons, loves a bit of man on man.

Pierce Hosey

Aka Posies is a climber and reputed ginger. Often seen trying to attract girls by talking about 'cracks' and 'nuts', he has been known to have to turn back from attempting to hike up hills as small as 20m. Some say that he is simply terrified of solid ground. A simple man from Carlow, Pierce has not yet been introduced to concepts such as electricity or fire, and as such should be treated with caution. Not to be confused with Ciara Mc Ellistrim.

Rover Bandits

Cathal Breathnach Aka Charley is an old young member of NUIG MC. He has a strange habit of getting into incidents with reindeer. The last one left him with a broken arm. He is the lead singer of the boy band called Rover Bandits.

James O’Connell Aka Jiggles is the first Kerry man ever to go aboard. Due to the lack of traveling that Kerry people do, James immune system is very vulnerable. This causes him to regularly get food poisoning when in a foreign country. As with all male Kerry people they reproduce through their toes, which explains his weird obsession with feet. The lead drummer in Rover Bandits.

Fionn Delahunty Aka Fino is the Designated driver/Lead Guitarists of the Rover Bandits. Fionn uses to be a very reckless and had not a care in the world, was until he ran into the land shark. Since then he has become a much more serious character in the club and has started the land shark survivors group.

Cécile Collot

Aka Spider thing is a strange creature who dwells at the club. Due to evolution she does not a have a backbone, which allows her to contort her body into various shapes that would be impossible for humans. She does not understand how belaying works and regularly will sit and chat extremely loudly to anyone nearby. she likes to keep the new members involved in "real climbing". this usually starts during their lesson which she regularly interrupts. Major rover bandits fan and is rumored to have a crush on their lead guitarist.

Kevin Normoyle

Aka Boy Racer. He claims of being from Limerick and has a big talk but can't walk the walk. Has actually never stabbed anyone, this is because he is actually from Clare. When he was younger, he dreamed of being a boy racer.Spinning alloys, modded exhausts, the whole nine yards. This dream was crushed after all the haters seen his cameo in an RTE movie. Loves cribbing about foreign countries and peoples. Despite this, he very much loves the environment and nominated himself to be the club's environmental safety officer