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Week 2 – Semester 2 -2017

As promised, here’s some info for anyone curious about the routes we’re planning to do on Sunday. Everything’s subject to change of course, depending on what we feel like on the day, but this is a good guideline. (It goes without saying that this is only to give a general idea of routes, and should not be used for navigation!)

The idea is that all the walks will take about the same amount of time, it’s the pace that differs. Note that the kilometer distances are a lot ‘harder’ on the hills than they would be on flat ground due to the elevation gain and terrain.
In yellow is the ‘Regular’ route, about 8km (plus a short road walk). This is ideal if you want to take it a bit easier, with regular breaks, loads of chances to take photos etc. For all new hikers we recommend you start with this one.
In green is the ‘Intermediate’ walk, about 9-10km (plus short road walk), with a faster pace it’s a decent hike for those looking for exercise.
And in blue is the ‘Advanced’ (long) walk, about 12km (plus short road walk). The pace is fast without many breaks, this is not for the faint of heart.

Check out the area on OSI’s website here: http://maps.osi.ie/publicviewer/#V2,486595,759601,8,10
Or on their Discovery series sheet 37, which is much more detailed.

See you on the hills!