NUIG Mountaineering Club Patches


When you purchase a badge, you can bring the electronic receipt to collect your badge(s) at the wall at the Kingfisher on any weekday night at 18:30 or 20:00 (please not in the middle of sessions/ wall slots).

The badges are 60mm in height x 60mm width; i.e. 60mm diameter (circular patch). They have special thread which is light reflective.

They have an iron-on layer backing:  you can iron the badges on garments. Sometimes it is useful that you first iron on the badge and then possibly sew it on.

How can I iron the badges on clothing?

Before you iron the badge on the garment, make sure that the back of the iron-on layer of the badge is clean.

Note: Do not use a steam function during ironing.

Place the badge in the right place, press the iron on the badge for 30 – 40 seconds. Then (if possible) press the iron on the back of the badge for 20 seconds. Then it’s done.

To ensure that the badge is not damaged, you can put a thin cotton cloth (eg handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase etc.) on the badge before you start ironing.

Be careful not to use a cotton cloth with colour to prevent you from transferring the colour to the badge.


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