Maamturks Challenge 2023 – Sold Out

Maamturks Challenge 2023 – Date Announced
January 14, 2023
Club Volunteer on Leenane Hill Checkpoint
Maamturks Challenge 2023 – Event Report
April 11, 2023

The University of Galway Mountaineering Club is delighted to share that the 2023 Maamturks Challenge has sold once again, all tickets were claimed within minutes. Well done to the 250 participants who registered. For those who unfortunately didn’t get a place, we encourage you to register on the Waiting List below. You will be automatically notified should a place come available in the coming weeks.

We will send out reminders to participants to inform us if they are no longer using their space in the lead up to the event, to prevent no-shows and we will allocate any spaces that become free on the Challenge to those on the Waiting List.

Participants who have registered can find information about the Challenge on this page, more information will also be emailed closer to the event so keep an eye on your inboxes.

Please appreciate this is a volunteer run event, made up of the Students, Staff and Alumni of the University of Galway. We are delighted that our event is so popular and we strive to ensure as many people can participate as possible. Limits are there because of safety and land use concerns. We are making iterative improvements year on year to improve the experience for participants, volunteers, land-owners, and the Connemara community alike.

Best of luck with the training, and we look forward to seeing you all on the Day in April!