Joining the Club

All NUI Galway staff, students, and alumni are eligible to join the Mountaineering Club. The club is not open to members of the public.

Joining the club is completely free, you can read more about the club here

By joining the club you are able to attend any club activity, you will also receive weekly emails with club events and news.

How to join:
Current Staff/Students:

1. Click on the link here  to access the university sports website.

2. Choose student or staff

3. Enter your ID number

 1. Create a new Alumni ID code here.  This is used to track attendance tracking at club events.

2. Add your email to our mailing list here to receive weekly emails
GMIT students:

1. GMIT members can sign up using this link

Having problems joining? Email us at:

I’ve already joined, now what?