Please Note: NUIG Mountaineering Club has access the use of the wall on a Tuesday/Thursday evening between 6:30pm and 9:30pm Only. These times are for NUIG MC members only. If you want to climb outside of these times as a student/non-student please contact the Kingfisher regarding all climbing. Do not contact the University Sports Unit as they have no responsibility regarding the usage of the wall outside of the club hours outlined above. Thank You.

Anyways, here’s the General Info on climbing and what not:

We climb at our climbing wall in the Kingfisher Student Sports Centre

You can find a map to the climbing wall here.

Club nights at the climbing wall are Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30pm onwards.
(These are nights when we have the climbing wall exclusively for NUIG club members only)

Climbing shoes can be rented at the wall for 2 euro.

How to start:

  • Sign up for beginner sessions here!
  • It will cost 5 euro for each lesson.
  • You must do two lessons.
  • When you book your first lesson you are automatically booked for the second one exactly one week later but at 8:00.
  • Renting shoes is included in the price of the lessons and assesment
  • After that you must take a safety assessment which also costs 5 euro.
  • This brings the total of your training to 15 euro for two lessons and the safety assessment.
  • When you pass you’ll be given a climbing card.

What we’ll teach you:

  • We’ll teach you how to use a climbing harness, knot tieing, belaying, and how to climb.

What you’ll need:

  • A tight fitting pair of runners/shoes, or boots, or climbing shoes
  • Tracksuit bottoms, or a loose/baggy pair of jeans
  • A credit or debit card (5 euros per lesson and 5 for the assesment)

I’ve learned to belay elsewhere, do i have to do the sessions?

If you have climbed/belayed before or with another club and you believe you don’t need any training, please contact the Climbing officer to organise an assessment.

Use of the Climbing wall

1) Training sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:30pm-9:30pm, during term.

2) Once assessed (you will be given a climbing card), you can climb with at least another assessed person. For this, you will need to go to the reception of the Kingfisher, give your name and pay 5 euros. This fee applies per night, per person. If you are refused at the reception, please contact or to make sure you have been put on the list.

3) To know when and who is coming climbing, make sure to join our private climbing page on Facebook! Just ask for it once you’ve passed your assessment!

Outdoor Climbing

1) Climbing indoor is fun, but climbing outdoor is much more fun! Once you’ve passed your assessment or if you are interested in bouldering outdoor, make sure to join when a group goes on a day trip to the Burren or elsewhere in Ireland!

2) Information about a possible outdoor day trip is usually mentioned at the climbing wall during training sessions or is posted on the Mountaineering Club Facebook page as well as the private climbing page and in our weekly email. Make sure to keep an eye open.

Non Students

For insurance reasons the Mountaineering club can only teach staff students and alumni of NUIG. If you are a non-student, the above information does not apply to you, please contact the Kingfisher Club and organise training with them.