Details for the 2018 43rd Maamturks Challenge below.

This year, there will only be the option to register online via Event Brite. There will be no postal registration, but the number of available places will increase to 250. The 2018 Maamturks Challenge will take place on the 14th April.

The 2018 Maamturks Challenge was sold out in under a minute. For those who did not get a spot you can still sign up the waiting list below. The booking system will automatically offer you a place if one becomes available .   

Waiting List

The Entry cost will be €30 for 2018.

Participant T-Shirts (will be available for order until 18th February): €8 each

There has been a big increase in interest in the event over the last number of years and thus it is becoming harder to get a place on the walk. We would like to remind those thinking of registering to please consider the walk requirements before signing up and taking a place. You must be able to navigate on your own and be prepared for all conditions including low visibility. Please refer to the general walk information and walk rules before signing up:

Walk Information

Walk Rules

There will be an option to join a waiting list on Event Brite once all the tickets sell out. Payment for Online Registration is by Credit/Debit Card. You will need the following information to register online:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Club affiliation (if any)
  • Age
  • Phone Number
  • Gender
  • Next of Kin contact number
  • Primary colour of your outer clothing (if known)
  • Name(s) of people in your group (if any)
  • Car registration number and local accommodation (if known)

There will also be a disclaimer and acceptance of the Walk Rules for reading and agreeing to, which reads:

“I confirm that I am free of any illnesses or physical defects which would endanger my life during the walk or cause undue inconvenience to the walk organisers or to other walk participants. Given that I understand the strenuous nature of the Maamturks Challenge, I hereby undertake to accept full responsibility for any injury caused to me or to my property. I also confirm that I am competent at navigation to complete the Challenge”

Please also ensure that you have read and accept the walk rules: Click Here

You will be able to register up to 3 participants in one order, and you will have 30 minutes to complete the order once you start. You will need the above details for all of the participants you are registering.

Please Note that there will NOT be any registration available on the morning of the 14th April.


Based on participant feedback, we will again have added the option to purchase a 2018 Maamturks Challenge participant t-shirt. These will be non-cotton technical fabric short-sleeve t-shirts with the NUIG MC logo on the front and a new Maamturks Challenge 2018 design on the rear. T-shirt order will be available until Sunday 18th February 2018. They will be available in sizes S – XXL and will be also be available to order on the Event Brite. The design has not been finalised for this year but here is last year’s design:

2017 T-Shirt Design


Please note that only ordering a t-shirt does not register you for the event!

You should be already registered for the event before ordering a t-shirt, if you do not order when registering. T-Shirts will be available for collection on the evening of the 13th April at pre-registration, on the morning of the 14th at the start and at the walk finish in Leenane.