25 km

50 Volunteers

200 Participants

2300 Meters of Ascent

First ran in 1975, the Maamturks challenge has been a focal point of hillwalking in Ireland for over 40 years. Situated between the beautiful communities of Maam and Leenane, the nature of the event is considered unique both within and outside of Ireland.

Participants are required to complete a full transverse of the famous Maamturks mountain range, a notoriously barren and rock terrain. With ridges, cliffs and numerous valleys, participants in the walk are generally some of the most experienced hillwalkers Ireland has to offer. Despite the challenge of the event, it is rare to only ever participate once. Many participants are drawn back each year as an annual pilgrimage to meet with freinds from around the country.

  • The Maamturks Challenge is the best one day event in the World
  • A challenge that's possibly more mental than physical! What a day! :)
  • "Fantastic challenge, all the more increasing when it is run by students......great effort.
  • It is a 5am dark start, leg straining, foot blistering, back breaking, soul crushing, high altitude, atlantic wind swept, heartwarming brilliant day out.
  • Amazing experience for a human being to test the boundaries of body, mind and soul in exceptional surrounding of Maamturks!
  • It's a great hill walking experience and an opportunity to meet walkers from other parts of the Ireland
  • An extremely tough test of endurance no matter what the conditions, mentally and physically. Very rewarding no the less.
  • A mammoth volunteer-led event with your mountaineering friends
  • I'm not sure who was friendlier: the volunteers at the checkpoints or the participants, all of whom were enjoying themselves fully!
  • One of the toughest and most scenic mountain-walking challenges in Ireland, successfully run entirely by volunteers for over 40 years.
  • A true hillwalking challenge, pure in both it's toughness and simplicity of organisation
  • “The Annual Maamturks Challenge hike has the reputation for being one of the most arduous walks in the country on a good day. It is undoubtedly so on a bad one.”
  • “Still we were incentivised by the stiff challenge of 24,000m of walking, 2400m of climbing and only 24 hours in the day”
  • “All things being equal however if the sun shines down on you on “the Turks” you will truly have a day to remember.”
  • “The Maamturk Challenge is ‘only’ 24km in comparison but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in its steep inclines and variation in terrain.”
  • The Challenge remains one of the great endurance events on the Irish calendar.
  • Just to say a big thank you to you and your team for organizing such a fantastic event.
  • The first few hours were indeed very challenging which for me added to the occasion and sense of achievement! But the hearty welcome and offer of best wishes at each checkpoint and at the finish was just the boost that everyone needed. And please keep the soup recipe for next year….without doubt worth a 10 hour walk!
  • “Still we were incentivised by the stiff challenge of 24,000m of walking, 2400m of climbing and only 24 hours in the day”

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History of the challenge

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